Unjustified behavior of Nepali Prime Minister

Dear Friends,

A new Nepal is into making, all the Nepalese across globe have their hope renewed with the establishment of Federal Republic in the country.

It was a maiden official visit of Prime Minister Pushp Kamal Dahal ‘Prachand’ to neighboring India after being elected to the post of premiership. Though he led a jumbo team of delegation, nothing substantial was done officially. This Visit of Mr Dahal was mainly aimed at meeting Indian leaders, Business fraternity of India and Nepalese residing in India.

Though during his stay at New Delhi, he might have come to a full circle as he has had round of political parleys with Indian political leaders, he held meeting with Indian Businessmen and also addressed a mass of Nepalese staying in India(In Embassy of Nepal).

His next destination was India’s IT hub Bangalore, He successfully visited some major IT companies of India as well as he pleased Local leaders as well by participating in programs organized in his honor by the State Government. But he failed to manage some time for Nepalese(students and professionals) in spite of their repeated requests. We at last feel a bit dissapointed with the undignified response given to the Nepalese people here in Bangalore.

We had a great hope of interacting with the first elected prime minister of Federal republic of Nepal , but not to mention the dream remains unfulfilled. The biggest problem we face here in Bangalore is because of non-availability of Nepalese consulate. We were not able to exactly get a clear information about the meetings. we were assured till eleventh hour by one of his close aide Mr Dhan Bahadur about the meeting but ubfortunately the plan was not successful. we were told at last that Prime Minister is too busy attending the programs organized by The Government of Karnataka in his honor.

We now feel a bit degraded and left alone by the treatment given to the countrymen by so called Revolutionary Prime Minister Prachand.

With Warm Regards,

Sujit Kumar Thakur

One Response

  1. Bijay Says:
    September 21, 2008 at 6:06 pm e

    This is very sad note. All the political parties represent the people of the country. It is their obligation to hear the peoples concern and respectfully address them. After holding the respectful position of the country our honorable prime minister should have taken few minutes to meet Nepalese people. This would have been good opportunity for the Madhesh students to understand him and him to understand Madheshi Students in India. Since AIMSA is working extensively for the welfare of the community and Nepalese students studying in India, Prime Minister should have meet with the citizens of Nepal and should have understood and appreciated the concern of Nepalese peoples.

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