Government should encourage Private University to attract Education Tourism

On 6th November 2008; Maoist Government Finance Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai announced by 2010 all the private school and university should be closed and all of them should be within the Government control. This decision has hurt many intellectual Nepalese and put the question mark on Nepal’s former rebel Maoists attitude on the development of country.

As a responsible citizen; my first question comes “Is closing of private school and university shows any positive path for Country?” According to the Ministry of Education, private schools account for nearly one-third of the country’s 41,000 schools. If private institutions are supposed to be closed then what will happen about the quality of education and employment opportunity for teachers and staff. There has been no alternative solution given by Maoist government till now for employment opportunity to teachers and staff. Neither there are any proper plans formulated for Education sector in Nepal.

Dr Bhattarai has given the Blind statement that has no logic. Most of Nepalese student goes to foreign country to have better higher education. There are less number of Colleges and Universities in Nepal that provides good quality of Education. Campus Placement opportunity is rarely seen at Nepalese institution.

Some of Private University provides good opportunity for Nepalese Student to have quality of education in their own country. Government should think reason behind the high fees structure in the private institution. There are many facilities in private institution and overall quality of education is good. The report can be seen in many examination results.  If SLC examination result is compared between Government and Private institution then passing rate is 50 % higher at private Institution.  Government should be blamed for providing poor quality of education at government institution. There are many loop holes in government institution like infrastructure, teacher competency, and quality of education and overall development of student. Thought there is free education till Class 10 at government institution for both genders but still parents seek their children to provide education at private institution because of the quality of education. Parents would do their best for children future.

Government should focus on the up gradation of Colleges and University. They should improve the Basic Level of Education till the higher standard education. Teachers at government schools rarely work better. Their mind is preoccupied that government job is the most secure job and usually teacher will be of same village. The Cross checking pattern should be implemented in the education sector where all the teacher quality of teaching should be benchmarked. The Feedback of teacher from Student and Guardian should be documented and submitted to the Central Education Committee at least once in a year. The Grade should be given to teacher and promotion should depend on the grade of teacher. The Campuses and University should be Graded on the quality of Education like A+, A, B+, B, C and D.

Politics interference is also one of the reasons not to have quality education at Government institution. Politics should be limited within Institution and should not have any relation with National Politics. It seems to have National political party’s presence at college beginning from the first year. Students must join any one of party. They cannot be neutral. Result: Politics has made the division within students and thus quality of education had been degraded.

Closing of Private schools would impact bad at quality of education. Generation needs revolution and revolution can be brought in Nepal by providing good quality of education.  Knowledge is Power. If there is good education system in Nepal then Nepalese student would study in Nepal. This will help country budget utilized within country and create several employment opportunity. Education Tourism has vital importance in some of country. Country will generate revenue by providing good Education system. Singapore, India, USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland have many good institution which provides different types of course. Student will come for internship programs or research development. If there is good education system at Nepal then students from foreign country would come to pursue higher education.  Imagine if there is one good University that has intake of 800 students per year and total capacity is 4000 then many teachers, staff and village people would get benefit. This will create good employment opportunity and revenue generation for Nepal.

Up gradation of government institution should be done promptly by improving the infrastructure, teacher competency and quality of education. Private Institution should be encouraged to provide good quality of education. Today student are the tomorrow future of Country. If there is good education system in Nepal then our Country future will be bright.

Thanks and Regards

Ajay Kumar Yadav

External Affairs & Spokesperson of AIMSA


Bangalore – India

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