Strikes: National Religion

Couple of Months back, I was in Gaur (my hometown) Nepal, It was such a pleasure to meet my family and friends after a long time, I saw hopes in eyes of people around me which had gone missing for 15 years. They were of the belief that the biggest crisis for Nepal (Maoists Insurgency) was over but that was not to be the case. To their surprise still the security situation is not getting better.
I faced one of the toughest times in recent time, I had a plan to utilize my limited vacation meeting old pals so was planning to visit the capital City but unfortunately that remained a dream. Every alternate day, there was a strike, some kind of “Chakka Jam”. It has come as a complete shock to me, how people have started thinking? All of them think and treat themselves politically hyper –active. Everybody has an issue, a different approach about how the country should be run. Its like nation has got too many leaders currently.
Democracy has been proved the best method of Governance across the Globe. Majority of the nations have adopted it and of course it is consistent and yielding. But again, democracy can be suicidal if not handled carefully, in today’s contest people interpret freedom according to their will and desire. The same understanding has given many of them a birth right for strikes!! People can burn anything anytime if something has not happened according to their expectation, there will be a “chakka jam” immediately. So that is how democracy is being nourished in Nepal. Some leaders call it as freedom but I am wondering if they do understand the consequences??
Today, schools, colleges, business places remain closed for almost 2-3 days in a week ultimately for no reasons. Have we ever thought what kind of culture we are developing? The youth of nation has mastered the art of Tyre Burning, stone pelting, vandalizing National Assets in name of revolution. Once famous for her peace and beauty, Nepal is weeping today at her ugliest face.
People simply can’t believe if the Land of Mahatma Buddha has come to this state. Brotherhood, peace, harmony all look yesterday’s words, today we have nothing but hatredness , violence, chaos, strikes and of course Tire Burning! The height of intolerance has been reached. We are uncertain of any certainty. Are the strikes, stone pelting or vandalizing assets are the only answer to any problems?? Guys let’s think over it , can we do a better job ?


With Regards,

Sujit Thakur

General Secretary & Internal Affairs of AIMSA


Bangalore, Karnataka


2 Responses

  1. Thakurji,
    Really, the situation in Nepal is divastating.
    Democracy and freedom is being missused. Land of Buddha and Janak is being ruined day by day. Cast and ethnicity base politics is leading Nepal towards wrong direction. Strikes, loss of property and life is not a solution. Unity in diversity is the only solution in true sence. Lets expect people will not forget this value.

    • Dear Jhalakji,
      Nice to have your opinion. As our homeland is going through a transition and these things are bound to happen but people like us should not lose our patience and hope. One day things will be better.

      Sujit Kumar Thakur
      General secretary,
      AIMSA India

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