Another Thunderbolt to Infant Republic

As we all are aware the newest republic of world is going through a series of ups and downs. It is quite understable to have some hiccups during the period of transition, all the nations in world have gone through such pathetic phase, and Nepal is no exception. But surprisingly the jolts one after another are coming from the party which claims to be the stabilizing force in Nepal. If some hurdles are produced by other groups and parties, we can easily understand the reason but same things being done by the party leading the interim government raises everybody’s eyebrows. We are now forced to rethink whether Maoists are committed to peace process in Nepal?

The recent sacking of chief of staff Katwal is one of those hurdles laid on the way of peace process by none other than revolutionary prime minister of Nepal Mr. Prachand. It is a decision which can shake the very foundation of the country which has marginally been successful in bringing down the possibility of a prolonged civil war. I do not see any vision in this decision, it is again one of those stupid decisions Nepalese politicians are very fond of taking every now and then but this can be as lethal as suicidal. By saying that I do not want to get into a meager politics of blaming each other rather I want to emphasize on the need of vision and thoughts before any crucial decision which can have a long time effect on the nation. Though I am very critical of Maoists and Mr. Prachand, I do not endorse the conducts of COAS Katwal in this transitional phase. In a democracy, the army cannot deny the supremacy of civilian Government; they have to come under the Government which was not the case in recent time in Nepal.

In fact in Nepal, the army has never been people centric. Either they have served the feudal kings or anarchic Ranas. Nepalese people have never been assured of their security by Nepalese army. It is necessary to bring them under civilian supremacy but this is not the right time to bring a vital configurational change in the country and neither does have this government the people’ mandate to do so. The very basic work which has been given to this constituent assembly and the interim government seems to be the last thing on their mind. I am seriously alarmed and concerned whether ever a new constitution in Nepal will be adopted? By seeing the trend currently, none of the political parties and their leader can win the confidence people of Nepal, they all are again indulged in their old meager war for power. Even After gulping nation’s assets for years still they are hungry enough to bite every bit of the already crumbling Nepal. The controversy which has been triggered by a no wise man’s decision of removing the army chief is in fact done in frustration and haste which gives a clear picture of Maoists’ totalitarian mentality which cannot be accepted by anybody, this is 21st century and Mr. prachand and his rampaging cadres have to have a very clear thing in mind that a Russia and a China cannot be repeated at this point of time. People would not be a mute spectator for all their hooliganism and anarchism, if they understand a language of violence and killing, then people would be forced to answer them in their own language. I can see this happening very soon if Maoists do not check their wild activities.

Let’s god save Nepal and Nepalese!

Thank s!

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