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” आउनुस् !! साथी हामी सबै मिलेर एकजुट हौँ र परिकल्पना गरौ कि आजको

मधेसलाई कसरी राम्रो,सवच्छ, सु-शान्तीको साथ परिवर्तनको सिढीमा कसरी

लान सकिन्छ “

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हामी ले न सोचे कसले सोचने,

हामी ले न गरे कसले गर्ने,

यंहा नगरे कंहा गर्ने,

अहिले नगरे कहिले गर्ने,

सफलता संजोक होइन,  रोजाई हो

हामी ले जे खोज छौ त्यही पाऊँछौ

सकारात्मक शक्ति को गुणन नै नकारात्मक पक्ष को घटाऊ हो

सफलता नै सफलता को आमा हो

हामी ले जे रोपछौ त्यही उम्रन्छ

Dear Friends,

Why are we not questioning ourselves?

Is this the society we are dreaming of?

Is this the way we have to be silent towards our own society?

As a youth of Madhes, can’t we challenge the real problems of Madhes?

Society calls us. Do we listen to it?

What are you waiting for?

Why are we being silent over Peace, Poverty, Illiteracy, Unemployment and so many other evils of society?

Come and join us.

This is Our Madhes, Only together We have to make it big and successful.

Always remember Rome is never built in a day.

Our progressive and deliberate efforts will see our nation prosper and come better of all difficulties and problems. So come today, we will make a promise to ourselves that we are not going to be mute spectators anymore rather turbulent and mighty streams of change.

“We are the Young Soul of Young Madhes”

“सुरेन्द्र मधेसी”

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  1. Thanks for mailing me.I am feeling very proud to see this site.Our madesh is our.I also want to be part of it.

  2. Thanks a lot for your response..Kindly send across your contact information so that we can stay connected..

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sujit Kumar Thakur
    Spokesperson, AIMSA

  3. Hello Everybody,

    This is Shree Narayan Jha. Here My new mail id kindly update this mail id in my profile. Here after We will cmmuniate thru this new mail id.

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. AIMSA,

    It is truly sad and really very unfortunate to see some people being so driven towards greed of power and luxury and others following them with their dumb-head unable to think and differenciate what is right and what is wrong. I am talking about none other than some very stupid and very cunning Madhesi people, like you guys!

    It is pitiful that some of you cannot even use your brain and think and see that creating false differences between Madhes and entire Nepal and trying to divide a whole nation will not benefit any Nepalese interest; but it will ofcourse benefit the Indian interests. Your so called leaders are dragging you to fulfill their selfish intentions and you people are just following them blindfolded like some stupid fools. Get your eyes open and think with practicality. I know that my words are pretty storng but they are true.

    Working as a whole nation and setting aside differences to work for a communal harmony, peace, and love will make all of our lives better and easy and not by dividing a small, economically backward nation. Madhes certainly have some problems and have been ignored to a level in the past, and you all should demand justice for that; however, you should do that with dignity and respect for yourself and your country. In contrary, what you’re doing is offering yourselves to India as slaves. PLS have respect for yourself and your dignity. Tomorrow, if somebody comes and pay you money and asks to all to sell you mothers to them, would you do it??? I would not be surprised if you did that.

    Be Better, Think Better!

  5. Dear Nepal Lover,

    That was pretty harsh comment by you on AIMSA. Who told that we are being blind folded by some stupid leaders?? We are as proud as other patriotic nepalese people to be a nepali citizen but we can not tolerate the centuries old pahade supremacy. The injustice met to our community most be compensated in a dignified manner.
    We can not be always ruled by stupid pahade leaders. You are such a fool to blame us of being operated by Indian Establishment where as there is no india connection with AIMSA rather than we are currently staying in India. Definitely we want to work as a team as a single nation but do you think these bloody stupid leaders of Nepal(GP,Prachande,madhav and all pahade leaders till date) will ever favour this union and equality.
    I have not found a single single leader in Nepal who has a little love for Nepal?? If as a nepal lover you claim to be a patriotic person, I challenge you to come and discuss with me in large about AIMSA and our mission. If you can prove at any point of time during discussion that we don’t have love or respect for Nepal or we are operated by India, I give you my word “AIMSA will stop functioning that very day” else you will have to apologize to entire AIMSA family and entire Nepal. I could have written harsher comments and I could have answered all your blames in the same cheap words that you have used but that is again against our policy.

  6. hi…this is mohammad shah alam,
    the lunch of website is really expose worldwise.

    Jay Madhesh Jay Madheshi

  7. Dear all
    The University Grants Commission introduced a fellowship scheme to provide financial assistance to M. Phil. and Ph. D. scholars in Central universities who are non-fellowship holders.

    The UGC has decided to award fellowships of Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 5,000 each to M. Phil. and Ph. D. students respectively with a contingency grant of Rs. 10,000 per year for scholars doing research in science subjects and Rs. 8,000 annually for those researching in humanities and social sciences.
    With Best
    Shyam Narayan Labh

  8. Dear Shyam Narayan Sir,

    Thank you very much for the information shared with us. I am sure many of us would be benefitted with this piece of information. We Look forward to you for further suggestions and inputs.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sujit Kumar Thakur
    On Behalf of AIMSA

  9. HI FRND,



  10. असल नेतृत्वमा हुनु पर्ने गुणहरु

    नेतृत्व भनेको व्यक्ति विशेषको त्यो खुवी हो जसद्धारा उसले निर्दिष्ट गरेको लक्ष्य प्राप्त गर्नमा अरुलाई अभिप्रेरित, मार्गनिर्देशन वा प्रभावित पार्ने प्रयत्न गर्दछ ।

    कुनै पनि संघ संस्थाले निर्दिष्ट गरेका उदेश्यहरु अपेक्षित रुपमा प्राप्त गर्नका लागि व्यवस्थापकीय कार्यहरु जस्तै योजना बनाउने, नीति एवं कार्यक्रमको तर्जुमा गर्ने, संगठन विस्तार गर्ने, निर्णय गर्ने, बजेट बनाउने, नियन्त्रण गर्ने आदिका निमित असल नेतृत्वको आवश्यकता हुन्छ । कुनै पनि संस्थाको सफलता र असफलता त्यसको नेतृत्वमा निर्भर रहेको हुन्छ । यदि नेतृत्व पक्षले संघ वा संस्थाको सही रुपमा नेतृत्व गर्न नसकेमा त्यो संस्थाले निर्दिष्ट गरेका कुनै पनि लक्ष्य हाँसिल गर्न सक्दैनन् ।

    त्यसैले नेतृत्व लिने व्यक्तिमा निम्न गुणहरु हुन आवश्यक छ :

    आत्म अनुशासन
    फराकिलो सोचाई
    शान्त पन
    आत्म अनुशासन
    ईच्छा शक्ति
    भिज्न सक्ने क्षमता

    सामन्यतया नेतृत्वकर्ता यी माथिका गुणले भरिपूर्ण भएको हनुपर्दछ । यी मध्ये आफ्ना अनुयायीहरुलाई प्रभावित पार्ने आ-आफ्नै नेतृत्वशैली हुन्छन् । नेतृत्वशैली उसको भित्री ज्ञान (आत्मज्ञान), कुशलता तथा मनिवृतिमा निर्भर हुन्छन् ।

    • Yes, I agree, but all the leaders, be they from madhesh or from pahad are all corrupt dogs.

  11. Dear friends
    i had made a new email id for our official use
    so please contact me with new email id
    thanks you
    Sanjay Yadav
    Central Member

  12. Hope The New Year brings a lot of good cheer for you, May all Your Dreams Will be True, Hope the year also bring Gigabyte of Fun, Happy New Near and good luck with your Resolution.. very very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2065 To All members of AIMSA

  13. Hope The New Year brings a lot of good cheer for you, May all Your Dreams Will be True, Hope the year also bring Gigabyte of Fun, Happy New Near and good luck with your Resolution.. very very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2065 To All members of AIMSA

    Thanks you
    Sanjay Kumar Yadav
    Central Member

    this is the site to view election result ,please try to find out the number of madhesi canditade won

    this is the site to view election result ,please try to find out the number of madhesi candidate won.

  16. Hi All,

    I went through this website and even other websites of AIMSA and blogs written by different people, its simply amazing.

    Comments given by members of AIMSA is too good.
    First time I am visiting this site. I feel some kind of attachment after going through.

    I have been reading news from site, I feel this site can help people from getting more about Madhesh.

    All the best dudes.



  17. Hi Jai Bahiya,

    Thank You For Joining The AIMSA.


  18. Dear Frend keep alink of Madhesh and news of madheshee

    so List of web site

    shailendra yadav

  19. Dear Friends!!!

    The oath has been taken by Parma Nand Jha in Hindi….I want to discuss about that in details… And for that my first visit for AIMSA will be in september on 6th.. there i would like to meet AIMSA president and active members in Mangalore…

    Sujit Kumar Jha

  20. Dear Sujit Kumar Jha Ji,

    I am very keen to know what You are going to discuss on Mr.Vice-President’s oath. As I feel language should not be the barrier to express Oneself. But He hurt the sentiment of Nepali People and for that on some fine day, He has to Pay. Yet I won’t understand why He has taken Oath in Hindi? What is His motive behind it? If You have any idea then please share with Me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  21. Dear Shree Narayan ji!!!

    According to me as we discuss everyday that we should have a nepali identity in this world. In this case if we are ignoring nepali language then it will be very bad for us.As we know that madhes is not having a single language but nepali almost 80% of madhesis can speak and 100% can understand.

    About parmanand jha i want to know that whether does he know nepali or not…if he does not know nepali then does he know english or not …if he does not know then english then ..of course maithili is second national language …does he know maithili or not…….????

  22. Terai of nepal has several language:maithali,bhojpuri n so on.Best part is that maithali speaking people doesnt understand bhojpuri n other theti language.So madheshi party are confused abt the common language they should use so that all madheshi could understand(this is also called lingual francis).But i dnt think choosing hindi as the common language of madhesh is good stape of madheshi party,coz just 0.5% of nepal population use hindi language.Since speaking hindi in nepal seems the dominancy of india on nepal it should nt be used any more coz it is directly related to sentiment of people. It had been better if any language of madhesh was used by v.President.Jai madhesh jai nepal

  23. 1.Maoist is 300 times stronger than JTMM and all Tarai outfits combined. ULFA of Assam is 15 times larger than Maoist. LTTE is 500 times larger than ULFA. Yet LTTE has not been able to create a separate state then why fear Jwala Singh. He is Singh is King and nothing more than a joke

    2.Sri Lanka is smaller than Nepal. It has only India and tiny Maldives as its neighbor. Sri Lanka has 30 Lakh ( 3 million) Tamils and India has 60 million Tamils. Yet with such Tamil support in India yet Tamils could not win their home land then how can Jwala, Goit and Tarai Army win independence in when Nepal has China who hates every move of India.

    3.JTMM and Tarai Army is nothing like LTTE. LTTE has launched more than 15 Lakh attacks in Sri Lanka yet Sri Lankan military are about to finish LTTE. Coward Madheshis can not launch even one suicide bomber and yet thinks they are LTTE.

    4.What criminal court? Will Sri Lankans or even Bhutan will be sent to international court for ethnic violence? If no then why will Nepal Army go there?

    Write to me at :

  24. Wats up hindu student(vivek) u seem young enough to discus abt politic.Dnt u knw people like u is creating unstability in each an every country in name of ethnic differencition(done by ancestor).Sayng madheshi as coward is ur ist mistake u did.Wat u knw abt madhesh n madheshi?It is people of nepal who supported maoist n then only maoist got victory.But mdheshi are nt supporting JTTM coz madheshi dnt want seperate country bt their right.If madheshi start supporting JTTM then nepal government will be compelled to give wat JTTM is damanding.So be thankful to madheshi rather than saying them coward.People like u is genocide for human,who destroy its own species coz of little knowledge.U r sick,get well soon.Hope u will get medicine for ur ethnic sickness which is polluting the human existance.My suggestion to u- dnt differenciate people accdn to cast, religion,colour.It never benefit anyone bt lead the human existance to exictinction. Jai madhesh jai nepal

  25. hi m a madhesi m doing bba in pune
    jai madhes jai nepal

  26. all who are concerned abt this site and community.. great drive, i must say.. jus that we need to be more focused abt what is that we want to do, what are our objectives and how can we achieve all of them.. rest all is good. felt at home while i read this blog..
    Youth is a great force, friends.. we jus need to mobilise and apply it in a constructive way..

    well, i ll always be there on th field to contribute or volunteer for this community..

    i m in Pune.. working with Sakaal Times.. 09766927228.. .. pls absorb me as a part of yr movement.. all th best to all.. 🙂

  27. Good works guys!

    From this forum we can raise our voice for the right we deserve in
    Nepal. At the same time we should not at any cost indulge in
    violating COMMUNAL HARMONY. We should denounce the POLITICS
    OF ARMS. These ARM DWELLERS in MADHES are actually
    looting Madhes in the name of Madhesi. Because of them even
    Madhesi intellectuals are moving to Kathmandu.

    • Correct, the leaders are busy feeding themselves. It is for people like you to take up these kind of issues. parda-fash garnu parcha!

  28. Jai Durga,

    Frosraj thinks that I am a child. I am a Hindu. Every Hindu is a living time bomb. We can’t endure the division of Hindu society . Raj Thakaray and Madheshi Upendra Yadav have divided Hindu society and promoted ethnic/communal division of Hindu Rashtra Nepal. We the Indian Hindus do not support this communal Madheshi politics to divide Hindu society. We need Hindu Raj not communal Raj like what u have stated. Jai Bihar.Jai BJP.Jai RSS.Jai Bjrang Dal.

  29. Vivek i dnt, knw why u thnk so?But it is certain if people of 21st century or the educated people of this time start thinking as u than there will be ethnic/religious war n it will lead to extinction of human existance.Ethnic/religious differenciation is nthng but the way to divide the human being from its own species n to create the situation of unstability among ourself.U say hindu unity,y jst hindu unity?Religion is jst pollution, spread in past by illitrate people which is showing its effect at present.Dnt u thing at this present time religiön has become the easy way to bring unstability in society n country (good example is india).So its my request vivek plz change ur mind n think abt all human being nt jst so called hindu human being.Lets make this world free from discrimination n make this world peace,lets nt fight for this silly thinks. its nt gonna benefit anybdy bt will harm ur own society n country harmony.

  30. hi, Vivek ji, i am agree with the statement of Frosraj ji, try to make discrimination free world. as youth of 21 century you have responsibility to think about all the burning issues of society. Promotion of Religion and the Development of the Society are two different things. A society is made up of with several religion & several casts so as whole we have to think about everyone in society.
    Just think every human in this word have same color of blood and same compotion of blood in their body. they all have only 206 bones in their body. they have only one heart in their body, they have 2 lungs in their body just think if their no any difference in compotion of body than why we use to discriminate others.
    We are making our friends not seeing by their religion or cast but the Character is most. so in this era no one will known you by your cast or religion but Everyone will know you by your character.


  31. Hi this is Rakesh kumar yadav. i m from chennai.i m very happy to know that aims openes a new webside. it is realy for the the students who r coming from madhes side of nepal for study purpose in india. thanks alot.Jay madhes Jay Madhesi

  32. Dear Friends,

    Today I visited PadmaShree college, Nagarbhavi Bangalore to enquire about process of admission in all cources. I have got that there are no any donetion or hidden fees for admissions in B. Sc. Biotech, Nurshing, MLT, BPT etc. But the consultants in Kathmandu had asked 3 Lakhs for only to book the sit. So I would like to request all the new comers students and as well as the students who wants information about admissions, not to take any fraudrant information as our AIMSA members must have to take care about that. Acharya College and Padmashree both the places we have good contacts. To know details about Acharya please contact SUNIL ADHIKARI(9742109116) and Rakesh YAdav(9986747848) and for Padma Shree we have Lokendra Yadav ji(9986441794).

    I would like this information to be posted on all the blogs to save our friends and brothers from fraudrant informations as well as donetions.


    Contact :- 9986456037
    (AIMSA-Bangalore Chapter)

  33. u guys discussing all shits!!!instead of talking about only madhes,why can’t u guys talk about whole terai…instead why can’t u all talk about whole nepal……people at this age talking about certain region,religion,tradition,caste,group of people n …….won’t take anyone to any destination instead the emotional distance……which have been created by certain political parties(especialy regional one’s and few big parties as well)will just widen up!!!!!…instead of saying “jai madhesh and all that why can’t u guys say “JAI NEPAL”(mind it,i amnot reffering to any political parties “greeting word”).hope you guys will think on it and may discuss seriously on it!!!

  34. Everyone should respect the Madheshi people and their belief. and definitely I do.

    And their statement to love Nepal as their own county makes everyone including so called “pahade” people happy.

    but the web address of this blog say something different.

    This is only an example from which pahade people are suspicious whether they love Nepal or not.

    • Dear Milan,
      Nice to have your thoughts shared with us, we are really thankful for your words.
      we would like to re-iterate here that nothing much should be read in the name of blog as the blogname was given only to indicate the movement has been started by the madhesi youth studying in India.
      We all are very aware of our responsibility towards society and the nation so there is no scope of suspiscion towards our commitment.

  35. Hi, MERA SOCH
    Mere bichar mai Nepal ka vabisaya, Prachand path ne kuch allag socha hai jo ki Nepali janta ke bichar bahar hoga.Na toh Prachand path ne Nepal ko bikas ke taraf lene bala hai na kuch kar ke deene bala hai,phir ve Nepali janta uske logo ko saath kiyo jaaraha hai.Prachand path mai bas dhokha hi dhokha hai jo ki oh log aapne bare mai soch ta hai nahi ki garib janta key a Nepal ke bare mai.Mere bichar mai abhi ve Nepali janta Prachand path ko saath deeraha hai kiyo ki unone abhi tak Prachand path ka video nahi deekha hoga.deekhe ve toh kaise,jab ke Nepal technology abhi uttana aage nahi aaya hai,na toh power hota hai.
    Muje lagta hai,Nepal ka communist ne abhi DESH ya JANTA ke bare mai socha hoga,kaise sochenge unlogo ke pass aap ne bhar soch ne ke moka mile toh na.Na kabhi communist Madesh ke bare mai socha hai,ek baat lekhna chahunga….jab Prachand ne resign karne ke baad jo Nepal(uml) ka government ban ne bala tha,toh Madeshi party ko sartha rakaha ki jo unke maage pura karenge,usi party ko samarthan deenge,toh(uml) ne Kabul kiya,bas sarkar baana nahi ki (uml) ka chief ne bold ala ki hum ne yaisa ko samarthan nahi kiye hai Madeshi partyo ke saath.Toh yah kiya kahna chahata hai ki hum mogrim nahi hai Madesh ke.Kaam ho toh ha,kaam hone ke baad na.Isliya communist kabhi ve Madesh ke paach mai tha hi nahi.
    Toh hum kiyo unka saath dee jo hamra kabhi tha hi nahi.Bas hum saath chale aapne maang ko leene.
    I hate communist……………………………….

    Written by,
    Sunil Adhikari
    G.S(AIMSA-b’lore chapter)
    cont no:+91-9902736164

  36. jai madhesh.i am ranjit thakur completed biochemistry.i want to join in ph.d in biochemistry can i get scholarship.i am from nepal.


  37. FB.init(“10f2548549964821e436ef0ed404bb48”);I am From Rajbiraj on Facebook


  39. HI,


  40. Maro Ris ko Sima Nagyo.Nabaraj Neupane timi haru jasta Gharpat Jungali Dhoti Haru sanga Darauna Manchha Haina.Mero Bare Ma Timi Dhoti ko Blogs Ma lekhna Himmat Kasari Aayo..Gyoet ra Jwala Singh haru ta mero pocket ma chhan,Sala haru Lai Kinna himmat chha.,kathmandu ma manchha marnu/Maraunu thulo kura pani haina,Hoas Gara.
    Rape Gaera ta Afnai Staff Lai gaera timi haru ko kina tauko Dukhyo.Himmat chha vane Case lai Agadi Badyara Dekhao,mero kehi hallauna sakdainau.Ma Nirdhakka Sanga vanchau maile Rape Gaera,tara k proof chha timi haru sanga.
    Mero office Rose International Medical Services (P.) Ltd. ,Townplanning,Samakhushi Ra Mero Bare ma Kehi Vaneko ma Sahane wala Haina,Herdai Jao,Ma timi Dhoti haru sanga Daraune Manchhe Haina.Mero pani Pahuch chha,k thaneka chau Malai.Kutta Dhoti Haru Mero Ris ko Sima Nagi Sakyo,Vikari ka Santaan timi Haru Lai Ma thik parna Janako Chhu,Dhoti Haru Ko Blogs Haru Computer ma Dekhna Naparos.Timi Dhoti haru mare pani malai k?

    • Dear Nabraj,
      You have serious mental problem, I have sympathy for you . Surely we will send you to mental asylum, unfortunately we do not have good mental health care in Nepal. Timi jasto manshik rogi ko lagi bhaye pani hami le India lai request garnu parne hunchh.
      Hosh gares hai comment lekhda, natra bhane ta lai kathmandu mai kat diula kunai pani timro babu bhanauda haru kam lagdain.
      Desh bali rahe ko awastha ma ta jasto pashu haru le ghrina ko sanchar gari rahe ka chhan ra aabshayak bhayo bhane ta jasto pashu haru lai ranga kate jhai katna ma hami lai daya lagne chhain.

      • I liked that. Nabraj is indeed a sicko!

  41. Nabraj Neupane,
    Timi manshik rog le pidit chhau.

  42. send me update massage.

  43. Invitation of Applicaion for State Representatives of WNSO-India is open. Hurry up!! Apply soon!!

  44. Visit:

  45. Hi…


    Wish u Happy and precious DASAHARA 2009 to all…

    with regards,

    Mohammad shah alam

    • HI, vivek in maharashtra history is great. And it madegreatful raja SHIVAJI RAJE. Every Maratha people like a SHIVRAI. And RAj takare also work for Maratha people,he is also great.

  46. Dear Friends,

    I’m a third generation Indian Nepali/Gorkha. However, Nepal has always interested me and I have been to that country once. This website is a good work to help the madheshi students here in India. But, I thought the name should have been “All India Nepali Madhesi Students Association”. Hoina ra saathi bhai haru? Also wanted to know if this association is meant only for madhesis or for pahades and himales as well?

    Thanks and regards,

    Yam Shrestha

  47. Dear YK Shreshthaji,
    First of all, Thank you very much for your precious time here and thanks for your kind comments.
    The suggestion for the name of the association is well taken by AIMSA, but we are not very much concerned about the name and fame of the organization rather we are more concerned about the service for which this association is established. Obviously AIMSA doesn’t differentiate people on the basis of their origin . As you might be aware that madhesis have been discriminated in Nepal for centuries and we are against that discrimination. We aren’t against any community of Nepal…. We love Nepal in the same manner any patriotic Nepali would do. Hope to hear more from you !!

    Sujit Kumar Thakur
    General Secretary
    AIMSA, Bangalore

  48. I appreciate Sujit’s views.
    And I also think that the name of the website should have hints about Nepal. With my first glance at AIMSA(indiamadhesi), I perceived it as a networking site meant for Madhesis with Indian nationality only.
    No doubt the word Madhes covered a broader spectrum historically. Today, Madhes origin people may have Nepali or Indian citizenship.

    P.S. A Bengali friend of mine was suspicious about my being a Nepali and he asked me about my origin. I replied “I come from Africa and so do you. Humans first evolved there, in the geological past.”

    Many a times migration prevails over origin when an individual looks for optimality amongst the extremes.

  49. wish u happy new year 2010

  50. happy new year 2010 all of you

  51. Haina yo sanstha khaali jatiya madheshi ko laagi matrai ki bhaugolik madheshi ko laagi pani ho?

    madhesh ma janmeko madhesh ma hurkeko..ani aile India ma padne so called “pahadiya” le pani yo sanstha ma thau pauchha??

    • Dear TBMH,
      We are not a communal organization, we do not hate any community of the country and we welcome all to join us! Basically this organization aims at making madhesis more competent and aware so as to end social discrimination where as we do not intend to indulge in disruption of communal harmony !


  52. Dear Friends.
    this is my first post’s very true that we r not against any communities but the truth is that we r against those people who r still rulling Madheshi people since long time.from whichever communities they belong it dosn’t matter.but we really wanted the people participation in every sector.

  53. Dear Ajay,
    Welcome to our blog and thank you very much for your inspiring and emotional comments !
    Obviously we aren’t against any particular community as you said but we can’t be mere mute spectators to the unjust treatment of madhesis by whosoever it is. we shall unite and stand against any psychic disorder the ruling class might have had !

    On Behalf of AIMSA

  54. thank’s 4 thinking about madesh and also 4 madeshi.

  55. Dear AIMSA

    Thank you for answering my question but I think you still missed the point.
    All I asked was, “in the development of madheshis” where do I stand in the scheme of this organisation?
    As I reiterate, i am a Hill Chhetri born and brought up in Dhanusha with that the only village I have known. So, does “madheshi” include me?
    I am currently in bangalore, very nearby your organisation.

  56. Hi,
    Yo sanstha sabai ko laagi ho.

  57. Ofcourse Madhesh will accept you. Madheshi known for whom, who lives in Madhesh no matter from which cast or religion they belongs to….

  58. thanks 4 such thought

  59. I am also with you.

    Please visit
    Roshan kumar jha
    Kathmandu school of Law, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

  60. Dear Roshan,
    It is good to have you on board…we are looking forward to have a meaningful and fruitful alliance with all the madhesi youths who really want to see Madhes Changing! We will definitely need each other for this ! Hope to hear more from you in days to come! Besides , we are regularly in touch with Madheshvani editorial team. I appreciate your articles.

  61. deepak ray and janakpurcity to help you all

  62. madhesh ko prabhakaran,bhagat singh, subhas chandra bose jase leader ki jarurat hai na ki upendra,mhanth, rajendra,jawala jasa gadaro ka nahi . madhesh ki mukti en bhure bimar logo se possible nahi hai . jab tak yuba ke leading me aandolan nahi hogo tab tak madhesh mukti sambhav nahi . jai madhesh

  63. Hello friends after long interval of time i am going to write few words on this blog.I think you all still remember me.At present i am in Hyderabad-India doing MBA.I am going to be here for 2 years. I want to do some things on mithila culture…like cultural dance,songs,even i like to call Mr. Udit Narayan on this occasion.For this there is need of huge amount to make this program success.This program will be done by AIMSA-Inida,so AIMSA-India need help from your side and your contribution will make our mithila culture to known this world.Please come forward and make this plan success.You can keep you points for betterment.I think we all get positive from your side.
    Thank You…..Jai Matribhumi

  64. dear frien,
    This is my first post on your site and i am keen interested to be part of this type of organization but i want to know some thing from you…….first thing is that Why u all are operating this organization from india ? Giving suggestion to other is very easy work but doing the work is very hard job.. are you all doing this ? second thing if you really want to help madesh than come join hand with madeshi people and walk with them. .. if you cannot do this than stop making comment on others…. i know how pahadi are beheving with madehi people in kathmandu or other places because i had completed engineering inbetween them… u donot know that year of engineering was hell to me in kathmandu……and than i took oath that after engineering i never come to kathmandu and i completed mba from india and working as manager in one organization but never gone to kathmandu after that. if you move from terai to pahar than u find pahadi as senior officer in every gov. office wat is this?? Are madeshi are not Qualified for that????? if We are qualified than y we are not getting post…. if you Visit any college Than you find Madeshi as the topper of Batch but after that what is his future?
    one thing more if you talk about indian embassy.. they are providing qouta for terian but if ever analised that result??? if you go through that report you will find all are pahadi … y this ????

    any way alot of things are there but we will discuss it in face to face meeting… u have done great job and i want you to proceed it we all are with you…….

  65. This is a disgrace that a independent and responsible Press-man, Rajesh Ahiraj, is being prosecuted for bringing the unheard voice of Madhesh by the Government, whose constitution guarantees “TOTAL PRESS FREEDOM”

    The silence of major Political parties, the indifferent media houses, and the uninterested Human Right clearly indicates their collusion in the conspiracy against the indigenous people of Terai.

    The verdict of Special Court restored the constitutional spirit by releasing the bold media person. But, the issue is Does it end here? Will it be guaranteed that media person will be protected?

    Plato once said “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Madhesh is facing this problem. The general availability of stupid politicians in our country (no offense for good leaders) will lead to chaos. Why didn’t the Madheshi leaders fought when voice of madhesh is being crushed systematically by the Government.

    Time has Come for good and right people to stand up and speak. Time has come that we remain united as Nepali and fight against all bigotry. Time has come that the leaders, political parties and concerned authority answer to the general public for their actions and in-actions.

    Hope all the concerned Youth will raise this agenda.

  66. “मधेशी युवा एकता” जिन्दाबाद। मधेशी युवा सब एक जुट होऊ।

    1857 – This includes districts such as Banke, Bardia, Kailali and Kanchanpur, collectively known as Naya Muluk (the new country); this is the territory Nepal regained in 1857, forty-two years after it was annexed by the British.Geographically, Madhesh covers the whole of the southern Nepal plains, including my hometown in the eastern part, which is populated by so-called Pahades like me . But ethnically, the region is constituted by about ten districts in the central-southern Terai. This includes districts such as Banke, Bardia, Kailali and Kanchanpur, collectively known as Naya Muluk (the new country); this is the territory Nepal regained in 1857, forty-two years after it was annexed by the …

    मधेशके िमट्टीकी कसम

    िफर से कह दो एक बार इन्िकलाब

    “स्वतन्त्र तराई राज्य ” एक मधेश एक प्रदेश

    …….जय मधेश !!! जय मधेश …….जय मातृभूमि…….जय मातृभूमि

  67. Hi sujit ji, Dipendra here from manipal karnataka.. This is my first post. There must be create a seperate regiment for madheshi for the dignity of madhesh and as well nepal. as many countrys practicing .. Other community shouldnt oppose if they love to nepal and nepali..becoz madheshi are integral part of nepal.. We needn’t have to prove how much we love to nepal…we born in nepal, proud 2 be a nepali


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