Proposal of AIMSA Constitution

Proposal of AIMSA Constitution

On May 2007; considering strong need of the hour; that is the Social Reformation, we have conceived an idea of formation of All India Madhesi Student Association. The Association has a primary goal of social reformation by upliftment of Madhesi committee, (which is so far less away, marginalized and under privileged.) We have a common agenda of spreading National awareness by making Madhesi more accountable and responsible so as to incorporate them in the national flow of the country. We intend to build fear free society with no hatredness among the people of Nepal. We have a noble intention of making the society which will be more aware, enthusiastic & energy filled keeping national integrity intact. We dream for such a Nation which will be a developed educated with an ever-lasting peace.

Annexure – 1

(1). Name and Establishment

(i). This constitution hence forth will be called as “Constitution of All India Madhesi Student Association (AIMSA)”.

(ii). This organization will be an umbrella organization of all Madhesi Students in India.

(iii). All works of AIMSA will be done in accordance with this constitution.

(2). Definition

(i). “Secretariat” is considered as a Secretariat of AIMSA.

(ii). “CWC Working Committee” is considered as a Central Working Committee.

(iii). “Members” refer to all the members of AIMSA.

(iv). “Rules” refer to the Rules formulated by CWC.

Annexure – 2


(i) The Objectives of AIMSA are as follow:-

(a). Nationalism, Democracy, Socialism & Unity amongst Madhesi Students in india.

(b). To build a dignified, dedicated, ambitious, & vibrant Madhesi community to contribute to the prosperity, modernization & overall development of the nation.

(c ). To intensity the struggle against the biasness, partiality, feudalism & ill-practice in the Nepalese Society.

(d). To build an Independent, developed, fearless, and harmonic society.

(e). To be dedicated to the world peace, brother-hood, progress and international integrity among the Youth.

(f). To incorporate maximum youth for the noble work of the development of the Nation.

(g). To Save Human rights & values

(h). To make people aware and social justice and equality.


(a). All the people(Nepalese) of age more than 16 years who accept the constitution of AIMSA and commit to abide by it.

(b). All the members following Annexure – 2 are considered are the Active members of AIMSA.

©. There will be a nominal membership fee later decided by CWC.

(d). The membership shall be Renewed every year.


(a). In case, the membership is not Renewed

(b). The prescribed fee if not paid.

©. If the member found induldged in any Undesciplined activity.

(d). Found Guilty of working against the constitution of AIMSA.

(e). Voluntary Resignation of a member & subsequent acceptance by the CWC.

Annexure – 4

Formation of Central Working Committee (CWC)

(i). The Central Working Committee would be a 25 members committee that would be elected by the conference of AIMSA.

(ii). All the members from Annexure – 2 (a) are the eligible voters for the election.

(iii). The CWC will consist a President, Vice President (1), General Secretary (1), Assistant General Secretary (2), Treasury (1), Spoke person (2) and 17 CWC members.

(iv). The CWC will have a tenure for 1 year.

National Committee

(1). President, Vice President, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary and one member from each Region defined by CWC .

(2). The Tenure will be 1 Year.

Regional Committee

(i). There will be one co-ordinator for each of the region defined by CWC.

(ii).The Regional co-ordinator will be a default member of National Committee.

(iii). Each co-ordinator will have a committee to manage the regional committee works and maintain the relation with the National Committee.

(iv). The Tenure will be of 1 Year.

General Conference

(1). The first General Conference will be organized by the decision of CWC and the current President and the General Secretary will be the President and General Secretary of the Conference.

(2). The conference will be formulated by CWC.

(3). The general conference will be organized every year by decision on CWC.

Roles and Responsibility of CWC Members

(1). President

(i). To chair the meetings of CWC, NC & to provide the decisive vote if required.

(ii). To provide Leadership to promote ideology, principles & organizational values making the organization Strong, Vibrant & Concrete.

(iii). To evaluate the works of members & official of AIMSA.

(iv). In case of requirement, to change the responsibility of the official in accordance with suggestion from CWC.

(v). To call the meeting of CWC & NC as required.

(2). Vice-president

(i). In absence of President, all the works handle by the vice-president.

(ii). In addition ,any other responsiblility specified by CWC.

(2). General Secretary

(i). To moderate and implement the decision & guidelines given by CWC.

(ii). To run smoothly the organization works.

(iii). To communicate the programs & guidelines by CWC to the regional committee & to collect the feedback from them.

(iv). To allocate the responsibility according to requirement.

(v). To present the reports & proposals in CWC & general conference.

(vi). To keep all the documentation & correspondence intact.

(vii). In addition to the above, mentioned works, the works given by CWC.

(3) Assistant General Secretary

(i). As the general secretary & any other responsibility given by CWC.

(4). Treasurer

(i). To manage Financial Transactions, Fund generation & maintenance of the Account.

(5). Spokesperson

(i). To communicate the policy & mission decided by CWC to outside the organization.

(ii). Maintain relations with others organization for creative development.

(6). Members

(i). Responsibility and works defined by CWC.

(7). Disciplinary Committee

(i). There will be at most 5 members with a co-ordinator to oversee the discipline of the members.

(8). Advisory Committee

(i). This committee will be an important body to recommend the creative amendments for organization development.

(ii) The members of the advisory committee would be nominated by CWC.


(i) Financial Committee

(ii) Training Committee

(iii) Advertising & Publication Committee

(iv) Social & Cultural Committee

(v) Sports Committee

(vi) Research & Development Committee

The works of sub- committees will be specified by CWC.

Each sub committee will prepare and present reports & recommendations to the CWC to strengthen the organization.

Resignation and Filling Vacancies

Any number other than President if resigns for any reason, the president can take final decision in accordance with recommendation of CWC.

If the president resigns the emergency meeting of CWC chaired by vice president will be take the final decision.

Filling Vacancies

If there is a vacancy because any unexpected reason, the president will redistribute the responsibility according to the recommendation of CWC.

Special Attention

If CWC finds, any person or committee working against ethics and principle of AIMSA INDIA, the person or committee can be striped of the power and the subsequent fulfillment of the post or committee will be done by CWC.

Policy Formulation

The amendment of the policies can be done by either the general convention or the CWC.

Amendment of Policies

Amendment of policies can be done through general convention or CWC. Meeting.

In case of Obstacles

The CWC will decide if any rule or policy is found to be on obstacle in functioning of the organization affairs.

Specail Thanks to

Surendra Madhesi

Vijay Sah

Sujit Thakur

Ajay Yadav

Sachin Shah

Rabindra kumar Jha for their greater contribution to shape the AIMSA Constitution With their hard work & also thanks to two Indian Legal adviser who has given their valuable time in AIMSA Constitution making process.

2 Responses

  1. i wish to know why we need to get charged to get your membership.

    i expect had it been free ,it would have been more relevant.

  2. Dear Alok bhai,
    There is no charge as such for membership; The procedure written in the constitution tells for a nominal charge that also to be decided by CWC afterwards, So far the CWC has not decided to charge for membership presently.
    It is ironic to see your expectation for a free membership , my dear friend is it possible to run an organization without fund , we do not believe in extortions , obviously if we would be needing any financial support during our campaign, we will look forward to the members and like minded people!

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