Mission and Objective

AIMSA is an Umbrella Organization of all Madhesi Students in India.

AIMSA has been formed to promote Advancement & Awareness of Nepali Terain’s Identity, Linguistic and Cultural heritage, & Facilitate close ties, Co-operation & Networking among Nepali Terain’s in several parts of India as well as aboard.”

AIMSA is here for uniting the Madhesi student in India and want to make an umbrella network for them to know each other and make Madhesi community proud around world

AIMSA also wants to promote a close cooperation and strengthen ties with all other Madhesi Nepali Organizations in Nepal or aboard. By cultivating closer relationship with different organization, AIMSA will seek to promote peace, prosperity, harmony, better communication, better cooperation and greater unity amongst all people of Terai origin students studying in India. We cordially invite all Madhesi students studying in India and also all those who would like to participate in our association’s noble mission, to join AIMSA Please show your support to Madhesi Civil Society by becoming its Life Member.

AIMSA base on its basic ideology on the following baseline: UNITY IN DIVERSITY, DIGNITY, IDENTITY, EQUALITY for Madhesis as equal citizens of Nepal. It is a real shame that we have kept quite despite being discriminated and abused for hundreds of years. To live like a second class citizen in our own soil (Madhes) and be treated with such an indignity and impunity by pahadi supremacists and yet to wait with patience that one day things will get better, is a blot of our past. It must be cleaned at all cost.

‘‘To end Political, Social, Financial & Cultural Exploitation as well as Discrimination, Working for the benefit and upliftment of Youth giving them Equal responsibility in development of strong and prosperous Nation

Mission & Objectives

· To promote the advancement of the Madhesi student’s identity, awareness of languages and culture of their community.

· To Promote close cooperation among the Madhesi student in India.

· To develop the network between Madhesi students in India & around the world.

· To provide support to students from Terai in India in time of difficulties.

· To promote harmony, cooperation and strengthen ties with other Nepali organization

· AIMSA is a platform for Madhesis students in India to ‘‘Unite’’ themselves for upliftment of Madhesis in Nepal.

· We shall strive to develop character, discipline, sense of social responsibility & selfless service in the student’s community.

· To strengthen the foundation of the dramatic society, we shall motivate the students to selflessness, fraternity, tolerance & social harmony.

· Pledging ourselves towards the greater cause of bringing revolutionary change in the social structure, we shall proceed with changing ourselves in a constructive spirit.

· To empower the youth to take on the future leadership of the country.

· To develop a rational and independent approach in the youth of Madhes.

· Transformation of youth into a Unified, Mobilized and an inspired mass.

· Spreading awareness amongst the youth of Madhes, about the need and importance of Change in today’s scenario.

· Spreading the realization about the power and the reach of our voice.

· Realizing that debating is only the beginning. We are what our actions make us.

· Change yourself in a small ways so that others can look up to you.

· Be the change you want to see in others.

· We don’t believe in fanatic nationalism but in Patriotism towards our motherland, which every Nepali feels. We stand up against every injustice happening in Nepal. We do not believe in any type of division because we believe that divisions have no limitation it’s just going never ends.

· Our target group is the People and not the Government

· If you want to support the ideology and efforts of AIMSA.

· FeelThat the progress and prosperity of the Madhesi people seems possible only with Unity in Diversity”.

· BelieveThe national unity can be assured by respecting the diversity of the people agree that secularism is the cornerstone of AIMSA policy.

जय नेपाल !! जय मधेस !!

(जय मातृभूमि !!)

One Response


    Dear madheshi friends,

    It’s a great pleasure on my behalf to announce d successful launch of “ALL INDIA MADHESHI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (AIMSA) in INDIA”
    Ah now its 1st ever time in our life that we have so much energized even after doing such a laborious job. Energized to see rising madheshi, to see madheshi sharing equal status, living with dignity and I cant stop listing…
    AIMSA is 1st ever association of its kind which is fighting for madheshi right at root level. Students are considered building blocks of the society and provide supports from within without any selfishness.
    So com’mon our young generation, brave heart and power boosted generation to show our unity & make all madheshi students in INDIA & abroad in one networks.
    Now days we madheshi people lack of communication between each others we don’t know each others, so, please be in touch from these days & communicate between each others. So, that this communication helps us to make “one identity, one stand, one power” in NEPAL. This may help 4 our next generation in NEPAL.
    We invite all madheshi students studying in INDIA, NEPAL, & aboard to join this association’s noble mission………. Also provides this message to all madheshi students in INDIA, NEPAL, & aboard…..

    Vijay Kumar Sah,
    General Secretory of AIMSA INDIA
    0091-9480001264/9886123651, vijay21october@yahoo.co.uk

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