Dear Friends,


First I would like to give Special Thanks to all leaders of Madhes who have given their valuable time to me. Though I had an opportunity to meet a number of people, few of them warrant a special mention here namely Upendra Yadav ( MPRF), Rajendra Mahato (SP), Mahantha Thakur, Hridayesh Tripathi, Amresh Singh( NC), Anil Jha (SP), Satya Narayan Shah (SODEP), Dr. Shree Govind Shah . Though I have not mentioned many more names, they all deserve a pat for their mission for Madhes. Also Special thanks to Dipendra Kumar Mishra & Manoj Kumar Sah, AIMSA Members, currently in Nepal for spending their valuable time with me in this journey, I heartedly appreciate Sujit Kumar Thakur (Spokesperson, AIMSA) for preparation of this document, also to all my Dear AIMSA members for their encouragement & support. At last but not least, I would like to thank one and all friends of Madhesi am in Nepal now, I have focused AIMSA point of view to many intellectual persons in Nepal. Here I met several Madhesi Leaders, Students leaders, journalists in Nepal. I have discussed major activities of our Association with them. I also had an opportunity to have their opinion for our proposed Conference (8th, 9th & 10th Bangalore, INDIA). We discussed on the issues of Madhes and future activities of our organization. I sought for their help and co-operation to strengthen unity of Madhesis, about which they seemed positive and apprehensive. Besides these, we had a detail chat on current political situation in Nepal. The highlights of these meetings along with my regular updaters on AIMSA’s activities & latest activities from Nepal are as follows:

Vivah Pachami Mela in Janakpur:

This time I had an opportunity to attend Vivah Pachami Mela, in Heart of Nepal- JanakpurDham. On 14th Dec, 2007 the Vivah Pachami Mela was celebrated across world amongst Hindus. Janakpur is a special and historical place because of the fact that Sita was borne here. This was celebrated in the old traditional Mithila Culture; to visit this Cultural nearly 20,000 peoples came to visit this Mela from Different parts of Nepal as well as India also. These time what strength of devotees in Janaki Mandir?? Mithila Mahostov & Mithila Naach and Kala Parisad have also make Dramas & Dances to remind us old traditional culture of this Vivah Pachami Mela, how Ram came from Ayodhaya to Mithila for Vivah with Sita. Also Mithila arts show its exhibition in this Mela, they have shown all hand made traditional items of its cultures. This all events are shown in Barah Bigha Maidaan, Janakpur. Different FM in Janakpur have covers all program of this Mela & also Nepal Police have Diploid in every Places of the City to control violence, many thanks to both of them!!!

Current position of Madhes & Madhesi Movements:

Based on my meeting/ Interaction with several Madhesi Leaders, Students leaders, journalists Intellectuals in Nepal, I found most of them very skeptical about human rights and fundamental rights of people. Political parties especially demanding the autonomous status of Madhes is practically getting together for a common cause, which I felt is good for the future of Madhes as well as nation. They are now being united by a common front in Nepal Like: Madhesi People Right’s Forum (lead By Upendra Yadav) & Sadbhawana Party (lead by Rajendra Mahato) are united in common front Name: – United Madhesi Front & also currently several dissidents MPs (Mahantha Thakur, Hridayesh Tripathi, Mahendra Roy & others) from different political groups have united in a common Madhesi Front & also Madhesi People Right’s Forum (lead by Kishor Bishwas, Ram Kumar Sharma) & others have united in the common Front. People are also hoping for the new Madhesi Leaders who will give their rights & also pave way for Madhes to evolve fully developed in this 21st century…. In my observation I found different FM stations in Janakpur, Birgunj, Biratnagar & other places, are repeatedly broadcasting many programs in Maithili, Bhojpuri & other local languages, these programs can be a milestone in the development of our language & communication networks among our people. These broadcasting networks also give information about the current social, political and economic condition of our community. People are just attached so much to these programs that I believe this will further consolidate unity in Madhesi community. Jai Madhes…..HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008


With Kindest Regards,

Vijay Kumar Sah

General Secretary, AIMSA


AIMSA representatives Vijay Kumar Sah (General Secretary) & Ajay Kumar Yadav (Spokesperson) was meeting with Mr. Ratan Jha President of ANTA in Jai MahalPlace. Bangalore on 6th November 2007.Also we would like to give special thanks to Sujit Kumar Thakur (Spokesperson, AIMSA) for preparing of meeting documents with us. He was supposed to attend meeting but due some urgent works he was not able to attend same. AIMSA point of view

1. AIMSA as an organization:

A. Establishment:

AIMSA was established in Jan 2007, in Bangalore by some dedicated and dynamic youths.

B. Members:

According to our documents till now we have 2000 members spread across India & Nepal while more than thousand are undocumented members. These members are connected with Central Working Committee through the area in-charges (We have area in-charges for almost all regions namely south India, Delhi, Uttarakhand)

C. Mission & Goals:

To promote the advancement of Madhesi students’ identity, awareness of languages and culture of their community

To promote close cooperation among the Madhesi students in India.

To develop the network between Madhesi students in India & around the world.

To provide support to students from Terai in India in time of difficulties.

To promote harmony, cooperation and strengthen ties with other Nepali organization to provide the nation stability and development

D. Activities & future planning:

Till now we have been reaching out to Madhesi students at different places through our personal contacts and we have been successfully arranging meetings with different groups of Madhesi students to keep the awareness mission going swiftly. The meetings have been so far very fruitful in terms of exploring new ideas and implementation of those ideas to further expand the base of AIMSA. We have a concrete plan to raise AIMSA as an organization of future. We wish to provide Nepal a new dimension in terms of stability and development. In fact, the rate of our growth has simply inspired us to do something bigger in near future. We are planning to hold some knowledge transfer seminars across Nepal with the help of our dedicated and qualified members. We are equally optimistic of having some health camps across the nation. Many more plans are in the pipelines which we will be implementing over a period of time.

2. AIMSA functioning:

Budgeting: –

Membership fees & Activities fees and definitely we would be highly grateful to the sponsors to carry out the social development programmes.

Responsibilities towards Nation:-

Seminars/ Guest lectures, Path for students, Experienced people, Coach, Mentor, Society Welfare activities like: – Agriculture, Education, Health camp, & Living style…………

3. AIMSA:-

Co-ordination with other similar Ideological organization, and always try to keep culture of Madhesi and their identity high around world




We Have moved inch Closer to the Goal

Dear Friends, Last two days were definitely very crucial though Hectic, but heads up to you all for putting such a great effort. We have definitely moved a long way in pursuit of our journey. We have fared this distance with a fantastic pace, and the reason of such a wonderful pace is nothing but our thrust to attain equality back home. This is terribly true, that every Madhesi would have gone at least once through the pain, the humiliation at the hands of pahades. And that is why we all are committed splendidly to end that monopoly practiced by pahades. We only wish to make them think that we (Madhesis) are an integral part of Nepal; we can together form a great force to launch development of our motherland. There shouldn’t be any bias, monopoly in New Nepal. We all should be practically equal. Then only we can dream for a developed Nepal. AIMSA is definitely putting effort to make that happen. We have so far established a good network amongst Madhesi youth spread across India and Nepal. We don’t attempt to disintegrate Madhesis from Nepal; rather we are trying to bring them together in greater interest of country. Hence the meetings held on 15th and 16th of Sept 07, have come with very good resolutions which ultimately will help us bring more people closer every day. Our long awaited CONSTITUTION has been finalized, though a formal constitution will come from our first general convention proposed in Jan 08. I thank all the enthusiastic youths for the unity and understanding. I am sure we would surely be moving together as we are moving today, we will be scaling more heights in coming days with our heads high


Sujit Thakur

Spokesperson of AIMSA

Meeting at Brindavan College

Many participants has attended AIMSA meeting at Brindavan College. The entire participant had signed on AIMSA meeting Newsletter and become the permanent member of AIMSA. Their feedback is welcome for us to improve our process and to make work effective. Agenda and Discussion

1. How to improve the Madhes society?

2. On which point of view Madhes is back draw in comparison to other Nepalese society?

3. How to combat poverty, human right violation, poor education system?

4. How to show good path for our future generation?

Thanks and Regards

Ajay Kumar Yadav

Spokesperson AIMSA

Bangalore – India


AIMSA Spokesperson (Ajay Kumar Yadav) and General Secretary (Vijay Sah) is going to organize meeting at Pondicherry (Saturday October 6) and Chennai (Monday October 8th), 2007.AIMSA is an Open Speak up platform. We welcome all the Madhesi Students to participate at meeting and express their ideas, opinions and views.

Agenda of Meeting

1. To analyze the problems faced by Madhesi Students and respectively find out the solution

2. How to improve the communication and network of Madhesi Students in India.

3. How to make UNITY stronger

4. Analyze the difficulties/interruption of development of Madhesis society in Nepal

5. How to uplift our society

6. How to improve education, Human Rights in Nepal

7. We extremely welcome all Madhesis to participate at the meeting.

Thanks and Regards

Ajay Kumar Yadav



For the AIMSA successful mission & to get it’s mission success all over world. Ajay Kumar Yadav (Spokesperson) and Vijay Kumar Sah ( General Secretary) reach to Pondicherry on 6th October 2007 and arrange meeting their with Sachin Sah( Assistant General Secretary of AIMSA), Naval Yadav , Bindeshwar Yadav & others members of AIMSA.. This meeting was conducted with the vision for the development of Madhesi cultural, awareness and development of society ……..Also this journey was continue to Chennai on 7th & 8th October 2007, also there meeting was arrange with Sri Narayan Jha, Rupesh Singh, Raj Kumar Sah, Deepak Sah, Dipendra Kumar Sah & others members of AIMSA in following matters: To improve all Madhesi global aim, to spread our members in all over & also to reach with all Madhesi People at ground and public levels ……. Also we have reached to all Madhesi students & we try to wake up to work in the Madhesi potentials…… Also to make our 1st conference in Bangalore (INDIA) success, this will be guidelines of Madhesi people in every matter….


With best regards,

Ajay Yadav

Spokesperson of AIMSA

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