Voices of AIMSA

“Be Proud that you are a Madhesi”

Equality, Identity, Dignity & Unity in Diversity is our first priority for Madhesi in Nepal.”

“Being the youth of the Madhes we have to challenge the real problem of Madhes. We are the Young Souls of Young Madhes & we are the Youth who have Equal Responsibility for Empowering Madhes so be uniting and make others too.”

The AIMSA view of Madhesi past, Our Concern about Present and Our Vision about Future”.

AIMSA for “Initiating change.”

AIMSA for “Next Generation.’’

AIMSA the “Time Begins.”

AIMSA “Down of New era.”

AIMSA the “Beginning of Tomorrow.”

AIMSA for “Social Good Cause.”

AIMSA “The Future is ours.”

AIMSA “We work together for Betterment of Tomorrow.”

AIMSA “Our Religion is upliftment Madhes.”

AIMSA “Proud to be Youth of Madhesi.”

AIMSA “Our Voice is Our Future.”

AIMSA “Power of Today is Wealth of Tomorrow.”

AIMSA “Struggle for Peace, Prosperity and Harmony in Society; where does Civil Society Stands?”

AIMSA “Honor the Diversity of Opinion and Respect.”

AIMSA “Soul and Soil’s Revolution.”

AIMSA “Wants To Give New Dimension to Madhes.”

“Give your heartily support for Madhesi welfare and make better future for Madhes & Madhesi next generation with unity in diversity among ourselves.

“Students & Youths are the Pillars of any Nation. So, we believe in Power of Youths & Students.”

“If we don’t believe in Ourselves, No one else will!

If we do not make our home ourselves than no one else come to make!!”

What is our vision for your next generation and our life too? What do you want be our next generation? Imagine no limitation, what would we do with our next generation if we have all the education, experience, and resource that we and our generation required. Your life is a reflection for your next generation. If we change thinking, than we can change our generation and ourselves.

“Now we have time to shape the future for our next generation. We can start building of Madhes together from the beginning”. Social revolution will bring Madhesi the opportunity for new society of Madhesi that will respect Madhesis Culture, Dignity, and give Equal status in every sector or stream of the country. Where the fundamental problems such as Corruption, Social injustice, Peace and issues related to ethnic minorities would be addressed with urgency.

“If we can able to unite ourselves than we can able to give a New Dimension to Madhes.”

जय नेपाल ! जय मधेस !! जय मातृभूमि !!!

2 Responses

  1. How can you be united when you do not have proper leadership, mission you have in common for One Madhesh One State…. where are the leaders working without lust on achieving the goal. Harih Oum!

  2. Dear friend!!!
    We are not politicians, We don’t know politics if you people take politician as a muderer, corrupter n destroyer of country.
    Chankya hai said the definition of politics “RAJA KA ACHHA NITI KO RAJNITI KAHTE HAIN”…. If king(politicians) are not doing well,then they are not politicians.
    We want just sometimes for confferance that we r celebrating 0n 8th, 9th n 10th of Feb.
    I request all the bangalorian madhesis to be present there.


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