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Feedback From ANTA People

Surendra ji,
Congratulations on forming
AIMSA . You have already done a marvelous job of bringing Madhesi students scattered all across India under one umbrella – AIMSA.I received information that you’re going to have your Convention in Bangalore. Please let me know the exact dates and venue so that I can plan to be there. As you may know, I’ll be in Kathmandu to attend 3rd. Global NRN Conference from Oct. 15-17. If your convention is around that time, I’ll try my best to attend. Once again, thanks for doing the outstanding job!

Best Wishes,
Ratan Jha
President – ANTA (USA)

These are the Feedbacks Which Was given by AIMSA Members in Their Membership Form

31 Responses

  1. Hello Dear friends,
    Today I am very glad about the work of AIMSA. Today AIMSA is playing a vital role to unite all the Madhesi people based outside nepal including students, employees and the professionals. According to my thougt, the ultimate goal behind this mission of AIMSA is to develop the madhesi people and madhes by awaring them for proper education and emloyement. Also this organisation is trying to strengthen themselves with the madhesi youth with thier variety of intellectual thoughts and plans about the development. By doing so they intend to develop the youth and ultimately every single child of madhes who is totally unware of education.
    AIMSA is also trying to develop the madhes in various other ways to strengthen the madhes economically.


    No, the intension of AIMSA is not to interfere in the present politics of nepal. Indeed AIMSA is trying to build up the stability in the diverse political approach to achieve common agenda keeping human rights intact.
    Dear friends, I appeal every body from our Madhes to unite together and work for our common agenda to develop our Madhes.

    Lokendra Yadav
    Bangalore, India
    Phone- 09986441794

  2. Hello Friends,
    Jai Madhesh,

    Sab sa pahile aaha sabh ke naya saal ke bahut bahut subhkamna.

    Tatha AIMSA ke bahut bahut dhanyabad deba chahai chhi. hamara bahut khusi lagal je hamhu kuch kahi sakait chhi.

    Hamara sab ke bahut khusi lagal je Madhesh ke lel ekta Association gathan bhel. Aur sabsa badka baat je ekta Student sab milka je association ke gathan kene aich. Jaime bina kono bhedbhaw evam nispaksh dharana sa association chail rahal aai. aur ahina hobak chahi. aur hamara aasha aai jai hisab sa e association chail rahal aich ham jarur apan maksad par kamyab hayab. Aur je hamara sabke lakshya aai okra paka rahab. chahe aike lel hamara sab ke je kuch kara pare.

    aai je pure nepal me madheshi ke je halat bhel aai se kakaro sa chhipal nai aai. aur lagbhag sab ke bhugtal aai. agar pahari elaka me jaichhi ta dhoti kahika bhagabaiya. politics me seho ohan kono position nai aai. ham kahi sakait chhi je ekta sirf pahari sab apan kam nikala ke lel matra hamara sab ke kuch position dene aai. ham eke ta baat puchhaichhi je ki ham sab nepali nai chhi. ki hamara sab ke country sa prem nai aai. ehan bahut chij aai je aaha sab ke bujhal aai janal aai.

    aur ham sab kamna karai chhi je ham sab apan lakshya par jarur kamyab hoyab. hamar subhkamna aur sahyog aaha sab ke sath sadaiv rahat.

    Jai Madhesh

    Deepak Kumar Jha
    New Delhi

  3. Hello Friends!!

    My name is Rakesh Adhikari (Yadav). I am from Janakpur. At present, I am doing my Masters in computer application from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Even though I had a flash about AIMSA, I thought it as some Indian Forum. I got an opportunity to go through the site today. I am really happy to see the student of Madhesi origin coming forward for there people and asking the YOUTH of Madhes to come and join hands to strength the society. I feel this is the correct time to raise our voice and make the world know our presence.

    I am proud to be a Madhesi and even prouder to be a Nepalese. I have been in India for like 8 years now. I had to explain the people here that I am a Nepalese. This is only due to the mindset of theirs. They only think Pahadi as Nepali. I felt bad. This happened as they find hard to believe Terians as Nepalese. They only think about Mountains, Hills, Flat nose, cold climate as Nepal. I had come across many situation when I had to explain the identity of Terai to them.

    Now, coming to political situation of Nepal and particularly of Terai I feel very sad. When I feel the agenda of most of the political parties are correct, they don’t implement it correctly. There are many Anti-social element who had formed there own group due to rivalry to the other party or for there own benefits. Security is the major concern, as common people don’t feel secure in there own locality. Earlier the people of Pahadi Origin was targeted and now Madhesi origin are also being targeted by the armed groups.

    Sometime I think what will happen if Madhes will be a separate state. Who actually are Madhesi?? People leaving in Madhes or we differentiate it by the caste (Pahade, Madhese)?? I heared the interview of Mahant Thakur on BBCNepali. If these are the people who going to represent Madhes then its all BULLSHIT. They all want there own share. What happened to Upendra Yadav?? Where is his voice?? I haven’t heared him for a long time.

    Whatever, there are many things to be done and I avail this opportunity to thank the founder of AIMSA and its members. You people have really initiated right thing at the right time. I wish AIMSA first convention a great success. I am sorry I cannot be a part of the convention in Feb due to my running sem. I will be grateful, if you need anything in Varanasi.

    Rakesh Adhikari.
    Varanasi, India.

  4. Better to have an association to get together including all south nepali. There should not be any restriction regarding membership between cast, community and demography.
    With Regards
    Prem Kumar Singh
    ICAI, chennai, Tamilnadu

  5. I want to study only so it will not be affect my study. i do not want to enter in politics. so i think it will help to promote madhesi only.
    With Regards,
    Nagendra Jaiswal

  6. I just want to tell my party name AIMSA to get Our Objctive with Positive.
    With Regards,
    Ram Chandra Mahato
    ICAI, Chennai

  7. 1. My only comment is to be forwarded to this association ia that anything it does or do should be in forever of all madhesis of nepal as well as a whole human beings.

    2. It should not be like other parties as in our country. the main thing it should be honest, polite, helpings & loyal to all Madhesis as whole.

    With Regards,
    Md. Tejbul Shafi
    ICAI, Chennai

  8. I do not have any comment on this Group & it will goes up nd up which help madhesi people to get their rights.

    With Regards,
    Amod Kumar Shah
    ICAI, Chennai

  9. I am happy to be the member of such kidest organization which will support and think about whole madhesi that help them to get together human and national rights.
    With Regards,
    Ratan Shah
    ICAI, Chennai

  10. I am crazy about hearing about [b]All India Madhesi Student Association (AIMSA)[/b]. i wish, may god bless internally in going promotion to higher and higher peristage of one kinds of party in nepal as well as in world also, whatever i heared about AIMSA conference is lured me but something is intending me to contradict the comment i hered according to my senor, the madhesi residents can enjoy and may be the member of this organization but there is highly restriction to those who are from pahari charity. I would like ti ask one question that you mean, the pahadi even though they are living in madhesi is not madhesi but not . I think Whoever living in madhes must can join this organization. because if they are residing and have made the permanent address in madhesis also, madhesi as we are. It’s notthe matter that from which generation thing have came from and also I wish that this does not make any difference also. So if you don’t mind than after reading my personal comment and you think and you accept the people if they are intending in joining this Organization and let’s them to become member. I am sure that they wil also fight for madhesi right as I am intending to fight.
    With Regards,
    Ahamad Reja Parmani
    ICAI, Channai

  11. I feel pretty good by knowing that we having unity, identity and asociation even also in india. but with happiness i have a huge comments and that is why this form is not written in maithili language too.(Means in Both languages). It my problem for those who are not famliar with requested to improve it in both languages.
    With regards,
    Manoj Kumar Sah
    East West Group of Institutions
    Bangalore, Karnataka

  12. I am quite happy to hear about this association which is going to unite the all the students which are from Nepal Madhes to Bangalore or other part of India. i want to thank those persons who initiate this step to form an association in outside of Nepal.
    I hope this association going to understand our problem and going to help in come out of those problem. There ia alot of thing have to say but due to space, i terminate here itself.
    at last but not the least i thank all the persons of this association.
    With Regards,
    Aphroj Hussain
    East West Institution,

  13. I like the AIMSA to progress the AIMSa. I will Co-oprate from myself as much as i can. I hope AIMSA will do alot for Madhesis Student in Future.

    “Best of Luck AIMSA”

    With Regars,
    Pradeep Kumar Mandal
    M.S. Ramaiah medical College
    Bangalore, Karnataka

  14. It is great to see that all the Madhesi students studying outside of Nepal also united and fighting for their right and i hope that this organization should be well run and get sucess of our Madhesi Student and best of luck for Organization.
    With Regards
    Mr. Love Kumar Sah
    Padmashree Institute of Medical Lab

  15. The Behave Should be like a friendliness which makes the union transparent to express the feelings.
    There most not be any demoralizing action from the union of the member.
    Unioness is good for allte madhesis which maintain the Co-operation among all the madhesis which are around the world.

    With Regardrs,

    Pankaj Kumar Jha
    Padmashree Institute of Info Science

  16. In this AIMSA Madhesi Students they should be help eachother, they should be like frien everyone. there should be everywhere there should be union like this AIMSA. They should help in every problem llike study, Job etc…

    With Regards
    Rajesh Chaudhary
    Padmashree College

  17. When i am reading the AIMSA (All India Madhesi Student Association),india. I think very good idea. this is very good for all indian and nepali student . it is very good to for future of all madhesi students. any kinds of problem and any kinds of objective problem they can solve this problem.

    With Regards,
    Hansh Raj Kumar Yadav
    Miranda Institute of Managment

  18. I am really very happy to be the member of this association AIMSA, who is playing a great role in uniting all Madhesi people in Nepal and developing the relationship of humanity, brotherhood and connecting among all the effort of AIMSA is praise worthy that it helps to solve the problem of people residing here far apart from their home family and their parents.
    With Regards,
    Roshan Adhikari
    East West College of Science

  19. I like the AIMSA progress for AIMSA. I will co-operate from myself, as much as I can I hope AIMSA will do a lot for Madhesi student in future.
    Indrajeet Yadav

  20. While reading (AIMSA) I thought it is one of the most objective for all students who has came from Nepal. Not only this I think, it will do better for all Nepalese students in future, so I filled this form. To get good objectives for all Nepalese student in future.
    With Regards,
    Sachintanand Patel
    Miranda Institute of Management

  21. Hi Surendra Ji

    I am very glad when i listen our friend is united the Madheshi student in india and all over the world. I will also tell you it is good source of information of Madheshi student who want to study abroad like india, US, Chaina with help of scholarship.

    With Regards,
    Satyendra Bahadur Shah
    AMC College Bangalore
    Pin 560083
    Phone – 9886303421

  22. I am really surprised when i come to know about All India Madhesi Student Association (AIMSA), It’s really a great work done by Madhesi student’s in India. Where most of the Madhesi students studying. My belief is that if they can unite in proper ways than it will make difference in community. they can change the today scenario of society. My wish to all try to Unite Yourself through AIMSA. Do something Creative for your society or motherland. We have hope on AIMSA people that one day these AIMSA people will come with their proper vision towards society & change the today scenario where all the leaders are full of opportunistic visionless towards society. they are quite smart to fight themselves, they are not able to maintain proper unity in society.
    In this era we can not develope our society with out unity. Unity is most for madhesi people.
    Only Youngsters from society can change the Present scenario.
    Friends i want to remind AIMSA people that there was an Organization by name Nepalese Student Association in India which was founded by B.P Koirala & His friends during 1933 AD. in Varanasi university which is now Nepali congress party in Nepal.
    I am thinking same like that one day you people will also go if you people will come with proper vision towards motherland.
    I am giving special thanks to Surendra ji, for writing Madhesi in spite of his cast. because in today scenario of madhesi society is that they all are divided in their cast which is pushing backward day by day.
    Now i feel that i have write Madhesi inspite of my cast. We must have think that we all are madhesi and we need to change in persent scenario of society so lets join our hand from every where and try to make change of today scenario.

    with regards,
    Rahul Madhesi

  23. hello everyone
    i just totally agree with objectives and ideologies of ur group , but can we uplift madhesi merely sitting in front of our p.c ….First thing that madhesi needs is identity(from my point of view) ,which we r lacking..when i was in India 99% of people were not able to accept that i am nepali even after telling very information i had…… i was facing a sort of identity crisis even in india….yes now thank to some madhesi parties ……slow that identity glory seems to blaze..
    Right now i am working for flood victims ….in sunsari providing them psychosocail support and care , there u can see the poverty , their attitude and also politics….actaully i found 3 politician out of 4 men..
    lack of knowledge among them is very common and condition of female is more worst….anyways thats nothg to do with this group…..hope ur dreams to reconstruct madhesh get fulfilled ….but for that u all need to come back to nepal and put our efficient effort to optimal level….we all can go hand to hand for that….

  24. Hi, I m Bishnu from Janakpur & currently studying in Delhi. I m very happy to know about this site. We all madhesi n neplies people has go trough the tough way. Dear madhesi frnd its very worstly, our land is infected by some leader type worms so we all have to take wise decision & troughout these dirty neta’s from our land. Best regards…………….

  25. Dear Surendra ji,
    Jai Madhesh,
    Jai Matribhumi

    Bahut khusi lagal je hamra sabke organisation progress me aai. aur ahina ham sab ekara badhaibat rahi. ham site dekhali & constitution seho dekhali. Bahut badhiya lagal. lekin hamar ekta suggestion aai. ya ta weekly, bi-weekly ya ta monthly every members sa feedback lebak chahi. aai sa ham sab ke vichar seho jana sakbai tatha aagu badhake seho naya rasta seho nikalat.

    Aur jahina hamra sab ke network india me aai ohina network nepal me banabake seho jaruri aai. hamara bichar sa nepal me ekar bahut jarurat aich. aur time to time every branch me ya ta branch in-charge ke saath ya ta aaha sab ke upasthithi me hobak chahi. ekta get together seho bhajetai.

    aur agar possible aai ta ai chij ke jagrukta pura madhesh ke janta me labake bahut jaruri chhai. hamara sab ke aahu me laga parat. kailaki madhesh me sab student nai chhai bahut ehno yuva chhai je illiterate aai. hamara sab ke okro sab ke saath laka chala ke aai.

    Deepak Jha

  26. Hellow
    Its the matter of great happiness that the students from Madhes are organizing themself but it should not be only on website but also in the field level.
    I feels its very nice to unite the people in an umbrella and hope this organization will forward in right momentum.
    Good luck
    Dr. Birendra Mishra

  27. dear surendra ji hamka tohar likhal news bada nik lagaichhi and i proud u r nepali sons,but surender ji hamar rahan sahan bahsa vyahar sabahu india se milaichhi but our nationliy nepali chhi so we proud to be a nepali,,so hazur le aimsa ko thau ma anmsa rakheko bhay hamro unity ajhai dherai powrful hunthyo ,,bura mat manna yar ,ham chahe jo bhi he par antrashtriya istar par nepali nagrik he hamrai bhasa jo bhi he ,hamre rahn sahan jo bhi he but proud to be on nation,hoin ta,,la bay take care

  28. Dear Birendra Mishraji,
    Thanks a lot for your great advice, we are committed for the cause.
    Yes, you are right, it will not yield us the expected result unless and until this is transfered to field level. We are determined to bring about the same in real time scenario. This blog or association formed online is the first step to extablish the network, ultimately we all will converge one day and very soon we will launch the ground work.
    We are extremely hopeful of getting advice and support from all corners.

    Sujit Kumar Thakur
    General Secretary

  29. Dear Chhetriji,
    I respect your patriotism and emotions. We have formed AIMSA that doesn’t mean that we are by any means less Nepali.
    I would like to let you know, we did try to form an organization for all nepalese, but again the hurdle was the ceturies old mentality of in borne supremacy of some of our Nepalese friends. We want to build a co-existent society and for that purpose one section of the society can not lay behind. We all have to come to one level, that is Why “AIMSA”. But I would like to mention here , we never intend to discriminate anybody and it is fact that AIMSA has helped many nepalese students in India no matter whether they are madhesi or not. rest is with you to judge if we are ever commiting any mistake ?

    Sujit Kumar Thakur
    General secretary , AIMSA

  30. it’s really great for our madheshi friends & it gives a worm love in our soul.I like it just see……………..

  31. Hi…


    Wish U happy Dipawali 2011

    With Regards

    Mohammad Shah Alam

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